Author’s Spotlight: Good Girl & Irresistible Jerk

 Do you write under a pseudonym?

Yes. Two of them, actually. Mira is my smuttier persona, and Jessi Gage is my sweeter persona (though, I hear Jessi still manages to make readers blush). Both personas are obsessed with foul-mouthed construction workers. You’ve been warned.

How long before writing do you think of the characters? 

A few days, usually. Ever since I can remember, bed time is make-up-a-sexy-story time. For some reason, I can’t get to sleep without my characters fogging up the inside of my head.

What sets your work apart from other related books that are out now?

My writing is a crazy mash up between contemporary romance, ménage erotica, and inspirational women’s fiction. My characters get busy in the bedroom, but it’s always with a point.

In my new release, Irresistible Jerk, my heroine, Kelly is a preacher’s daughter struggling to discover her own identity after having it dictated for her for so long. Her method of self-discovery involves living out her dirtiest fantasies with a tattooed construction worker

How does a character come to life? Do you have a process for writing characters forward?

I’m addicted to plotting charts. I can’t get fully into a character until I understand their goals, motivations, and biggest fears. Charts help me nail down those deets so my characters can get to nailing each other. *winks*

Do you find that your characters evolve after finishing the story or do you already have a plan in mind for continuing their growth?

Have I mentioned I’m planning ten books in this Dirty Minds series? All featuring Kelly and Joe…and Joe’s roommate Rico? Yeah. I like to develop the shit out of my characters. I’ve got a definite end-point in mind for this eventual trio, and I can’t WAIT to write all the novellas in their series.

Is there any hint of truth or a peek into your personal life in any of the books? If so, feel free to elaborate. 

Yes. There is. *blushes* The series title might be an apt description of what goes on between my ears.

What is your writing quirk?

I need quiet. Which is tough, because I have two kids and a barker of a dog. I treasure the few hours a day I have while the kids are in school.

What inspired your current works?

My own fantasies.

Any words of advice for aspiring writers? 

Oh, man. So much advice! I started out with a traditional publisher and am indie now, and I love helping other writers figure out the whole indie thing. I’ve got tons of blog posts geared toward sharing my indie experience on my Jessi Gage blog.

Also, you hear all the time to write what you know and write what’s in your heart. But if you want to make a buck or two, you’ve got to create a product you can sell. If you’re not interested in doing that, that’s totally fine, but know that making money at this gig takes planning. Find a way to make what inspires you mesh with what’s selling, and you’ll be just fine!

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Irresistible Jerk (Dirty Minds, Book 2)