Swapship Troopers

He heard the click and swoosh of the door to the hotel room opening. He tried the sultry grin one more time in the mirror and then rushed to the door to the bedroom. Quantrill greeted Lieutenant Hardaway in the bedroom doorway completely nude. Hardaway looked at him with a little half smile, sending a flash of heat into Quantrill’s middle. He tried out the sultry grin, hoping to have Hardaway grab him and toss him onto the bed. Instead the Lieutenant just stood there, looking him up and down.
“Come over here,” Hardaway finally told him. Quantrill walked across the carpet, unable to break eye contact with the Lieutenant’s intense gaze. He stopped when he was toe-to-toe with Hardaway. His large, perky breasts reached out and nearly closed the gap between them.
“On your knees,” Hardaway instructed. Quantrill felt his grin falter, but did as he was told. He sunk down to his knees on the deep pile carpet. Hardaway’s crotch was right in front of his face. The Lieutenant shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “Open my pants.”
“Yes, sir,” Quantrill said softly. He reached out with his small hands and unsnapped the Lieutenant’s fatigue pants. He pulled down the zipper and then opened the heavy duty fabric. He looked up at Hardaway, who only nodded for him to keep going. Quantrill put his fingers inside the waistband and pulled. Once he wrestled the waistband over the bulging muscle of Hardaway’s ass they dropped easily. Hardaway’s thick, partially erect cock sprang toward Quantrill’s face.
Quantrill ducked and pulled away. “It’s okay,” Hardaway encouraged. “It won’t hurt you. Put it in your mouth.”
Hold on a minute! He didn’t want to suck a penis. That wasn’t the sort of thing he did. It seemed unsanitary and unnatural. On the other hand, how could he say no to Lieutenant Hardaway? “Come on,” Hardaway urged. “Embrace the suck.”
Quantrill put his hand around Hardaway’s member. It was still soft and spongy, but warm to the touch. He lifted the bulging head to his lips and tentatively let it poke into his mouth. He felt the cock swell immediately, and opened wider to give it room. He sucked gently, wrapping his full, thick lips around the cock.
“Mmmm,” Hardaway moaned. “Good girl.”
Encouraged by the Lieutenant’s moans of pleasure, Quantrill let more of the thick member slide past his lips. The bulbous head filled his mouth and he lapped at the underside with his tongue. It had an earthy, slightly salty taste that was surprisingly pleasant. He slowly pulled the cock back out, dragging his lips over the smooth, veiny skin.
Hardaway was completely hard now, standing out straight and powerful like a rod of steel. Quantrill felt accomplished – he did that. He made his commanding officer hard with just his mouth. And it was fun! He was nearly choking on the big dick, but damn it was satisfying to get the job done. He looked up and met Hardaway’s intense gaze while he pushed his mouth back onto the cock.
“That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” the Lieutenant panted. He emphasized his excitement with a shiver of his powerful, virile body.
Quantrill smiled around the thick cock filling his mouth. It was such an honor to be able to make a man like Lieutenant Hardaway quiver with pleasure! The young private felt more powerful and capable than he had ever felt in his life. Much more powerful than when he had put his own average dick into a willing girl back home. Even more powerful than when he got a perfect score on the marksmanship course at boot camp or brought down a charging bug monster with a killer shot.
Quantrill shoved the tip of the big dick in and out of his mouth. He caressed the bulging shape with his lips and his tongue, covering it with his saliva until it was dripping with hot wetness. Sucking cock was fun! He had no idea. And Hardaway’s appreciative moans only drove him on. He was going to suck the shit out of that cock!
He was even getting turned on by it. He put a hand between his legs and plunged two fingers into his inflamed slit. His body was on fire with desire. Quantrill was moaning right along with Lieutenant Hardaway, taking more and more of the fat dick into his mouth.
Hardaway’s cries became more urgent. He grabbed at Quantrill’s head with his strong hands and held him in place so he could rock his hips back and forth to stroke his cock in and out of the willing mouth in front of him. Quantrill could only kneel there and take it. The big dick plunged deeper and deeper into his mouth, pressing against the back of his throat. The Lieutenant’s thrusts were more and more forceful, making Quantrill gag on the thick invader with each stroke. Quantrill tried to hold on, to give as much pleasure as possible. Even with tears streaming down his face from the battering at his throat, he was in heaven.
Quantrill knew what he had to do. He grabbed at Hardaway’s bulging, muscular ass and pulled his face into the man’s crotch. He forced the thick cock past his gag reflex and down his throat. Hardaway froze and held his breath. Quantrill could feel Hardaway’s manhood throb and pulsate where it was wedged down the back of his mouth. The Lieutenant shot his load straight down Quantrill’s throat.
“Fuck!” Hardaway groaned. He pulled his cock out of Quantrill’s mouth with a wet slurp and took a staggering step backward. “You are fucking amazing.”
“That cock is soooo delicious,” Quantrill said softly. He slumped down and leaned on one arm. He felt used up. He hadn’t reached orgasm himself, but that hard driving face fuck had drained him. He was ready to collapse. He looked over at Lieutenant Hardaway and knew in an instant that he wasn’t done – not by a long shot.
“Get up on the bed,” the tall officer commanded. “On your hands and knees.”
…become more titillated by READING the rest of the story

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