Irresistible Jerk

Nuzzling the peach-scented back of her neck, I let my erection find a cozy home between her cheeks. My roving hand discovered she’d slept braless when it cupped a soft, round breast through ribbed cotton.

She met my open-mouth kiss on the back of her neck with a sleepy purr. My dick got treated to a wiggle of her ass.

“You let guys sleep over often, baby girl?” I asked.

Last night, she’d told me to go to sleep after that incredible happy ending, but that didn’t mean I’d be welcome now. Better safe than sorry. It wouldn’t be the first time I got the cold shoulder the morning after. Kelly had more reason than most to want me gone—I’d conked out instead of returning her amazing fucking favor.

“Mmm. Never. Unless you count Bubba.” Her sleep-roughened tone hinted at amusement. Hot damn. I was in the clear. “But he’s fixed.” She rolled to shine her sunny smile on me, and a piece of my chest came loose. Or maybe it hitched into place. “Nothin’ gelded about what I saw last night.” The backs of her knuckles skimmed down my bare stomach. She paused her tickling stroke just shy of eureka.

My dick strained to kiss her hand. “And what you touched.” I pushed my knee between her legs, my hairs catching on the fabric of her pants.

As if my words had invited it, her skimming continued. The backs of her knuckles drew a line down the underside of my iron-hard rod.

My eyes rolled back in my head. When I could focus again, she had a cute, pensive look on her face. Meanwhile, those knuckles slid slowly up and down. My little vixen.

“I think I tasted too. Did I taste, Joe?”

“Fuck, yeah, you tasted. You loved my cock in your mouth.”

Her fist closed around me. “I think I need a reminder to jog my memory.” She started inching downward.

Not gonna happen. If anyone tasted this morning, it’d be me. But I wasn’t sure I had the patience for oral at the moment. That was saying something. I loved eating pussy. But with Kelly in my arms, her hand on my dick, and her eyes soft on me—knowing I’d left her wanting last night and I had to be at work in half an hour—I needed to be inside her.

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