International Ladies for African Men: Ghana

This was enough to get any girl’s panties wet – and Teresa seemed to always be changing her panties. She remembered a particular time when they were coming back to apartment and he smacked her butt. He didn’t just smack it to make it smart, but he cupped it just under the meaty part of her buttocks. That was the move of a professional and she was taken aback, but still turned on. How did he know that she would like that kind of thing? Was he in to butts? Once the door closed she turned and gave him a passionate kiss, a double butterfly of her flickering tongue. Her tongue snaked its way in to his mouth and tasted his familiar taste. She lightly bit at his bottom lip and threw her arms around his neck. She did not want him to get away as she was feeling especially moist from that slap on the butt. She could feel his body tense up and give in to her kiss. He was breathing hard too.

Teresa could feel his hands on her ribcage, just below her breasts as she continued to move backwards towards the couch. They were both breathing harder. Eric moved his hands up along her shirt and over her breasts, finding that her buds of beauty were hard. He squeezed slightly and she let out a low moan of approval. Eric slid his hand down over her stomach and could feel her start to tighten up. He knew his cue and he smacked her on the thigh this time. Teresa’s mind was whirring trying to figure out how this man knew to keep going and what to do to push all of her hot buttons. She enjoyed being coerced and spanked and she was so turned on right now. She pushed her hand over his and made him reach her lady part sooner. Their breathing was even heavier.

Eric used his fingers to push her panties to the side. Teresa instantly thought about how she was glad she had made the choice to wear a pretty pair of panties tonight. Otherwise, she would have to rush in to the bathroom to get ready to be sexy for him. His fingers found how juicy and wet she was. She let out another moan as she allowed her body to relax under his touching and breathing. She breathed in his breath and wanted more. He slipped his hands down more to feel her throbbing hole.

“It’s calling my name,” he declared.

She did not want to say anything. She wanted to be the coy one and be seduced and coerced. Eric followed his part and slipped his fingers back towards her love button. He explored every fold and creased. She reached back, wrapping her hand around his head to bring him for the wettest hottest tongue kiss. Eric squeezed her nipples a tad harder to show his appreciation for the kiss.

“That is one soaked pussy,” he announced.

“Yes,” she purred.

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  1. DJ Sakata says:

    Sounds good and naughty

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  2. joselyn says:

    Interesting sounds like a good fixof erotica for me

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  3. empressdj says:

    sounds spicy

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  4. Curly Carla says:

    Good lord, that was steamy.

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