Til Death by Kitty Cecilia Delaney

The volleyball game ends, and they all get up, introducing themselves to the strangers and asking if they’d like to join forces. They agree excitedly. One of their teams decides to sit out, and the five of them take their place on the court.

They play a few games, and the group seems to be a nice bunch. They’re all having a great time, but as the sun starts to go down, their new friends decide to call it quits. As they exchange goodbyes, one of them— a tall dark-skinned girl with bright pink hair—approaches Kyle, holding out a slip of paper.

“Call me sometime, okay?” she says with a wink, and Kyle is left speechless as she jogs back to her friends, waving to him as she goes.

“What’s that?” Tyler says, taking the paper from a very red-faced Kyle. His jaw drops when he reads it, and he laughs out loud.

“Dude, nice!” he jeers, reaching out for a high five. Kyle returns it half-heartedly, and as the others run over to see what all the fuss is about, he snatches back the paper and stares at it.

“Kyle got a girl’s number,” Tyler says, like it’s the hottest new gossip. Kyle rolls his eyes. Evan and Ethan immediately join him in staring at the note.

“Wow, all seven digits,” Ethan says sarcastically.

“Does she even know your name?”

Kyle shakes his head. “I don’t know.”

Dylan waits behind until their excitement wears off and they start to pack up. He strides over to Kyle, looking stern.

“What’s her name?” he says firmly, and Kyle almost doesn’t want to tell him. He takes the paper anyway, and scoffs. “Angelica.”

Kyle shrugs, half-smiling. “She’s kinda cute.”

Dylan looks back to him, looking as though he wants to say something rude, but Tyler calls him over before he can open his mouth. He chooses instead to shove the paper back at Kyle and turn to Tyler. Kyle narrows his eyes at Dylan, but decides not to cause a scene, instead slipping the note from Angelica into his back pocket.

“What do you think?” Tyler is saying as Kyle rejoins the group.

“They want to stay down here for a little while and maybe run out to a bar later,” Dylan explains.

“Hmm. I think I’ll just head back up for the night,” Kyle says. “I have to be up pretty early tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah, you have that meeting,” Evan says, and Kyle nods.

“I’ll see you all tomorrow, though.” He reaches for his towel and waves to everyone.

“Actually, I think I’m gonna head back too,” Dylan says suddenly, earning a surprised look from Kyle. He looks directly at him while feigning a yawn. “I’m beat.”

Ethan and Tyler exchange glances, but say nothing. “Alright,” Ethan says. “See you guys tomorrow.”

As Dylan follows him up the beach and back to the hotel, Kyle isn’t sure what to be expecting. Dylan might just be trying to get him alone, but he had also seemed pretty pissed, so his reasoning could be any number of things. The fact that Dylan is silent all the way up to the elevator doesn’t bode well either.

After Kyle presses the number for their floor, he clears his throat. “So they seemed pretty cool,” he says lightly, trying to break the tension.

“Yeah,” says Dylan, without any emotion whatsoever.

They reach their floor, and Kyle gives up. He rushes out of the elevator and down the hall, not even checking to make sure Dylan is with him. If he wants to sit around and sulk, that’s not Kyle’s problem. He pushes open the door and stomps toward his bed.

He’s not even halfway there before he’s shoved against the wall, Dylan’s mouth on his.

He squeaks in surprise and pushes Dylan back. “What the hell?” he gasps.

Dylan cocks his head to the side. “What?” he says in genuine confusion. “We’re alone.”

“I mean, yeah, but…” Kyle wriggles free, and Dylan loosens his grip, letting him stand up straight. “A second ago I thought you were about to kill me.”

Dylan sighs. “Sorry, I didn’t…”

Kyle realizes something, and his face splits into a grin. “Are you jealous?”

Dylan glares at him. “No.”

“Oh, I think you are.” He laughs.

“Stop it.”

“I think you’re mad that Angelica tried to steal me away from—”

He’s cut off again by Dylan shoving him back against the wall. He lets it happen this time, kissing him back ferociously, still grinning.

“You’re mine,” Dylan growls against his lips, and he lifts Kyle up by the waist, carrying him over to the bed and climbing on top of him. Kyle lets himself be manhandled, secretly kind of turned on by the idea of Dylan being so possessive.

Dylan strips him down, not that he had much to work with, and switches to kissing his neck. He trails hard, biting kisses all down Kyle’s jawline, and Kyle realizes that he’s going to have marks that will be hard to cover up, but at the moment he doesn’t care. Dylan sucks hard at his collarbones, and Kyle whimpers.

“Yes,” he moans, arching against Dylan. “God, yes. Mark me. I’m yours.”

“Mine,” Dylan echoes, kissing down Kyle’s torso. He grips his waist tightly, anchoring him to the bed, and Kyle rests his hand on the back of Dylan’s head, guiding him downward.

Just as Dylan settles himself between Kyle’s knees, the door opens.

Learn what happens next to Dylan in the book


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