Breathing in the aroma of lavender and mint, she smiles, satisfied, and opens her eyes. Removing his hands from her, he smiles devilishly and moves to stand at the foot of the table. With one arm he reaches behind his head and grabs his shirt. In one fluid motion he pulls it up over his head revealing his exquisitely sculpted torso.

“What about your girlfriend?” she asks, suddenly remembering that he was supposed to be off-limits.

He laughs, “You have been gone a long time. We broke up months ago.”

“Well, won’t you get in trouble for going over time? I wouldn’t want you to lose your job, and, um, isn’t this kind of illegal?”


“Always putting others before yourself. First,” he breathes as he raises one of her legs and begins kissing up the inside of her calf, “I’m officially off the clock right now. Second,” he adds, tickling the backs of her knees with his fingers, “you deserve this.”

Grabbing her ankles, he slides her to the edge of the table, straight into his waiting mouth. His busy tongue searches out its target. He needs a little direction, but once he finally finds his goal she makes sure he knows it by grabbing his hair and whispering “fuck, yes!” Confidently he flicks his tongue against her swollen clit as she moans words of encouragement to him. Giving it all he has, he increases speed until she cries out and begins shivering from the best orgasm she has had in as long as she can remember.

Convinced that he has finally brought her to a transcendent state of bliss, he stands and retrieves another sheet from the warmer, wrapping it around her as he helps her to sit upright. When he turns to offer her a glass of water infused with cucumber and lime she notices the rather sizable tent he has pitched in his pants.

Oh shit, she thinks to herself, look at the size of that thing.


“Now you finally look relaxed,” he says in an almost conversational manner.

She drinks deep from the offered cup before responding. His gaze is intense but caring, not demanding or searching. As she looks into his eyes, she can tell that he truly hopes he has offered her some relief from her troubles.

Gathering up her courage she finally speaks. “This doesn’t have to end here. I can see you’re ready for more.”

He looks at her surprised, as though he had expected that to be the last thing that she would have said in that moment.

She can see his manhood twitch through his pants at the promise of more action, but he seems hesitant. “This is all supposed to be about you, about your well being, not about me and mine,” he asserts.

She bites her lip and looks coquettishly up at him. “Well, then, let’s just say that the thought of whatever you’ve got straining against your trousers right now is putting me on edge, and I won’t be able to calm back down until he has,” she says motioning to the bulge in his pants. “Plus, I think that a little… well, I mean… a big dick, will do me good.” With that he brings his hand behind her neck and hungrily presses his mouth against hers.

Slowly she runs her hands down the length of his impressive torso and gets straight to work unbuckling his pants. They drop to the floor and he springs free, apparently having forgotten underwear this morning. Inviting him to join her, she removes the sheet from her shoulders and pushes herself back onto the table.

With the grace of a gymnast he mounts the table and uses his powerful arms to slowly lower himself down onto her. Opening herself up, she wraps her legs around him, ready to welcome his massive unit. Supporting his weight with one arm he kisses her neck and breasts as he takes his rigid cock in his free hand. As he positions himself at her entrance he tenses slightly and closes his eyes.

Like? Continue reading as it gets steamier…


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