He takes her hand and lets her lead him deep into the gardens. He notes with satisfaction that the other members of the tour followed the docent back to the house, leaving them quite alone. He offers up some opinions about the tour. She wanders about photographing this and that, responding to his musings when appropriate. He tries hard to think of the last time he had enjoyed himself so much. After a time he finds himself just watching her again, cataloging her little movements, desperate to make this memory a vivid one.
They find a small bench near the back of the wall and once again fall into easy conversation until all at once they both run out of things to say. A tension that they had not felt before emerges from the silence. They scan each other’s faces trying to determine what the other wants to do next. After a brief but agonizing internal dialogue, she makes a decision.
“The lighting on those apples is exquisite, don’t you think?” she says, rising from the bench. The unexpected silence had made her both agitated and aroused. I was going to rip this guy’s clothes off right here in this garden if I hadn’t put some distance between us. 
With a mixture of relief and anguish he watches her pull out her camera once again. As his eyes follow her, he becomes lost in his thoughts. Were we about to kiss? he wonders. I am truly enjoying this woman’s company, and clearly there is a great deal of chemistry here, but am I ready to cross over into a physical relationship? I know enough about myself to know that once I kiss her I will never want to stop kissing her. And if it were to progress from there? I could never leave her once I had her. The combination of her strength, her intelligence AND her body, no, that would be too much to take. I’m having a hard enough time keeping my cool without knowing what those lips taste like.
She, in the meantime, is desperately trying to find a good angle for her photograph. She moves this way and that, trying to frame the subject. As she rises onto her toes he notices the supple curve of her calf. His eye is then drawn to the straps on her sandals and he begins to fantasize about running his fingers up those straps.
In his mind he sees himself coming up behind her, taking her by the waist and gently kissing the back of her neck. He imagines that he is whispering something alluring into her ear as he sits her back down on the bench. Then he kneels in front of her, his hands tracing their way up each of her calves. He pushes up her skirt slightly as he parts her legs. Tenderly he kisses the inside of each knee while staring longingly into her eyes. Then he lifts her skirt over his head, plunging headlong into the mysteries that await him.
As a lover he is relentless in his desire to bring her to climax. When he finally resurfaces, satisfied that his goal has been met, she is quivering with pleasure and dripping wet. He stands, pulling her up with him. He kisses her deeply before roughly but playfully turning her around. Her breathing is ragged as he caresses her, pressing his hard-on against her. She gasps and he feels little rippling shivers of bliss course down her spine as he gently bites her neck. With one hand he holds her tight, while the other hand frees his hardened shaft. He bends her over, lifting her skirt once again.  Letting his dick tease her waiting warmth, he savors the slick feeling of her throbbing pussy as he readies himself to enter her.
“I’m ready.”
He is suddenly thrust back into reality, “I’m sorry?” he stammers.
“I’m ready to go. I’m sure you’re tired of wandering about this garden, watching me photograph things.”
“No, not at all, in fact, there is one picture I’d like to take, if you’ll allow me.” He motions for her to rejoin him. “Here, come sit on this bench,” he says rising and discreetly tucking his erection up into the waistband of his trousers.
There’s more where that came from…read on

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