Hot Sex, Warm Relationship & Cool Techniques

She is very sensitive, so even slight breath will give her feelings. The first thing that I suggest is the you go down to the woman’s clitoris and you kiss it gently over and over. Then you start to reach out with your tongue and touch it, kiss it, touch it, and kiss it. As you are beginning to touch the clitoris, more with your tongue, and offering less kisses. You’ll notice that she will become much more sensitive. As her back arches and her clitoris becomes harder and more pronounced. At this point you can actually take the clitoris in between your lips and suck inward and outward. In alternate between moving your tongue on the clitoris and pulling the clitoris in between your lips. The alternating of this action keeps it from being boring and/or expected. At this point you can even pull away slightly and blow air directly on the clitoris. Return back to touch, kiss and suck. There are many techniques of moving your tongue around the clitoris, on the clitoris, and even a figure 8 of the clitoris. All of this is to bring sensitivity and a sensual enjoyment. I will share with you one other technique which is a very surprising and a shocking sensation for the woman.

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