The Naughty List

He slid my sweater off one shoulder and the stubble from his chin brushed against my skin. Hell yes. I wanted more. Maybe I will join the mile high club.

I closed my eyes and let his touch guide me. He reached under my sweater and brushed my bra. His fingers slid across the sheer fabric, his hand gently gliding against my nipple engaging my senses, arousing my curiosity and sending my mind into a million different directions. Usually I was the one initiating the game, taking control. But Ben held that power and I liked how he wielded it.

“Then what?” he said behind me. “What next?”


His fingers held my nipple tautly. “Step-by-step instructions or I stop.” The authoritative tone to his voice made me quiver.

“Um, after the popsicles are in the freezer for about an hour,” I said.

He rubbed my nipple back and forth sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. My panties were wet, my thighs trembled and if there were a way I could rip off my jeans and mount this cowboy, right here and right now, I would.

Excerpt from “My Midnight Cowboy” by Pumpkin Spice – it only gets spicier…read on. 


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