The Naughty List

He slid my sweater off one shoulder and the stubble from his chin brushed against my skin. Hell yes. I wanted more. Maybe I will join the mile high club. I closed my eyes and let his touch guide me. He reached under my sweater and brushed my bra. His fingers slid across the sheer…

The Accused

More hands were on her legs, rough, demanding, kneading her legs from hips to thighs to calves, and she was spread further, her arms straining as the irons held them firm. And then fingers gripped her nether lips, pinched them, peeled her wide, opened her to frigid air and lurid stares. Hot breath mingled with the night mist. Fingers plied her wider…

The Watchman by Arla Dahl

“A well-crafted, wickedly erotic romp through witch trial hysteria. Arla Dahl will whet your appetite for more.” –- Candy Caine, author of contemporary interracial erotica

“The Watchman was so hot and satisfying, the perfect conclusion to this trilogy.” – Chloe and Sabine’s Smart Mouth Smut

Merry XXXmas

She felt a momentary twinge of self-consciousness as she realised the view he must have. Her hair a mess, ass in the air, probably bright red from his attentions. The crotch of her lingerie was tight against her, likely outlining every curve of her pussy and she felt it begin to throb in anticipation. Soon….

The Mark Immoral Virtue, Book One

He touched her still, coating warm oil over her like a salve upon her tender flesh. Nothing existed but the feelings of hot need he awakened inside her womb. His fingers, when he had molded her nether lips for the blade, were like irons made to brand her. The heat, the rough scraping as he had whisked…