A Slice Of Sin

“What’re you thinking about?” John asked. “Are you thinking about sucking my cock while that stranger flips your skirt up and gets his first look at your beautiful pussy?”

The depraved thought filled her mind. She knew this wasn’t socially acceptable behavior; what would her friend Tami think if she knew Kelly wanted to get fucked by some stranger while she sucked her husband’s cock? But then again, it felt so right, so fun, and so naughty.

Kelly moaned as she sucked her husband’s cock and let her fingers find her pussy again. A cool breeze passed over her wet lips, increasing the sensation and sending a shiver down her spine.

“He’s kneeling down behind you, holding your ass in both hands and running his tongue the full length of your pussy.”

Kelly was about to explode. She found her clit, imagining it was the stranger’s tongue, and within seconds felt the orgasm running its course. She shuddered as the electricity coursed through her body. A deep moan escaped her lips, still stretched around her husband’s cock.

“Did that feel good?”

“Mmm hmmm.” Kelly continued sucking his cock.

“Turn around, I want to taste you.”

Kelly did as she was told. She turned and leaned forward on the car, presenting her throbbing pussy to John.

“Can you see him in front of you with his thick cock in hand? He’s waiting for you to take it in your mouth.” She felt him lift her skirt and realized that they were both still clothed for the most part.

“Would you like to suck his cock while I eat your pussy?”

Kelly shuddered when his tongue slid past her swollen lips and deep into her honey pot.

“Eat my pussy baby,” she moaned. “Eat my pussy before he fucks it.”

John was an incredible lover, and for almost two decades he continued to surprise her. She was always quick to recover from an orgasm and knew that he could bring her to another very quickly. His warm tongue slithered between her wet lips, but she needed more, she wanted to be filled by a cock. “I want you to fuck me baby.”

Kelly felt John’s tongue, and then, if she didn’t know any better, would swear that she felt the head of his cock parting her lips too. Now she was certain, that was the head of a cock spreading her lips and working deeper inside, but John was still on his knees behind her. “What’s that? Oh God it feels so good.”

Kelly pulled her skirt up to see John gently working a large dildo into her pussy.

“Told you I had a surprise.” John wore the biggest grin she had ever seen.

The dildo was buried inside her now. She was amazed how real it felt. The head was bulbous and she felt the ridges on the shaft as he worked it in and out of her pussy.

Her juices coated the shaft, making it glisten in the moonlight. Kelly noticed that it had balls and could feel them against her clit when John buried it deep. She couldn’t help but wonder when and where he had gotten this beautiful fake phallus. She had many toys at home, but the thought of getting one so realistic had never crossed her mind.

She whimpered when John slid it from her pussy and stood up. Kelly turned to meet his kiss. She tasted her pussy on his tongue and smelled her sweet aroma on his face.

“Look at this.” John held the toy up for her to see. Kelly was amazed at how real it looked. The shaft was a creamy flesh color complete with veiny ridges. The head was rimmed with a pinkish helmet, and the balls were drawn up in a tight sack, the same way John’s got right before he came. Then she noticed the suction cup on the base of the balls and the shit-eating grin on her husband’s face. John reached around her and stuck it to the side of the car.

“You had this whole thing planned out didn’t you?”

“Do you want to fuck a stranger and suck my cock in the abandoned lot?”

Kelly’s pussy flooded at the thought. She buried her tongue in his mouth, grabbed his cock and drove two fingers in her pussy.

“Now you don’t have to imagine his thick shaft, you can feel it,” John whispered in her ear.

Kelly took a step back and grabbed the mythical stranger’s fleshy shaft. The girth filled her hand and she let her fingers find the balls drawn tight underneath. She had no problem imagining it attached to the man in the bar. She pictured him, still wearing his jeans, but with this beautiful cock jutting through the “Can you feel him behind your?” John prodded her. “Running his hands over your ass and inside your wet cunt.”

Kelly could feel the stranger’s hands on her back as she leaned forward to take John into her mouth. She imagined him running his hands over her smooth ass and down to her dripping pussy.

“Do you want him to slide that big cock inside you?


“Do you want him to fuck your tight little pussy?”

God, John had a gift for dirty talk. His words transformed the silicone shaft in her hand, into a real man who was about to fuck her from behind. Kelly let the head slip past her lips. She stepped back and filled herself with the rigid shaft. Her inner walls quivered around it and tightened when she felt the balls touch her clit.

“How’s it feel to have another man’s cock filling your cunt?”

With his words Kelly began working herself back and forth on the stranger’s cock. Kelly’s wetness ran down the inside of her thighs. She loved the feeling of this stranger’s cock filling her pussy, while her mouth ran the length of John’s shaft.

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