The Sleeping Serpent

“Olivia leaned across the kitchen counter for an olive as she intently watched Ita prepare dinner. Her ample cleavage overflowing her push-up bra wasn’t lost on Nico, and he quickly pulled her into the pantry for a scolding. Deftly sliding his hand up her skirt and pushing her lace panty to the side, he slipped two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. She let out a small cry as he petted her, feeling her wetness build until it covered his fingers and dripped down her thighs. With Ita only a few steps away, Nico rubbed her clit hard with his thumb while pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy. Unable to control herself and nearing orgasm, she moaned audibly, and he crushed her to his chest, roughly covering her mouth to silence her so no one would hear her cry out. She shuddered as she came hard onto his hand, and Nico whispered in her ear, “You’re a naughty girl, Olivia. I’ll show you who is in charge. If you tease me, I’ll take you by force, regardless of where we are.”

As arousing as 50 Shades, as twisted as Gone Girl, and tortured as Wuthering Heights, The Sleeping Serpent is a gripping account of the seductive manipulations of a sociopath. Immensely erotic and psychologically captivating, it is the compelling story of a woman’s obsession with a spellbinding guru and the struggle to reclaim her life.

Check out the ‘Look Inside’ for steamy scenes!



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