The King of Erotica 2

I was held spellbound by the horniness that catapulted from every opened pore on my body. Attentive, I leaned against the light blue tiled wall, free of mildew, and started rubbing my wet opening. The pleasure shot through me like bullets. My hair was wet, now I had to get rid of this weave…

I shuddered as I slid the sponge over my dripping pussy, carefully manipulating my clit. I took my time nurturing my clit. My clit made me feel so beautiful I was about to die inside. Life didn’t
get much bigger than this and for those who think I need to find a new hobby can suck my ass, go to sleep, wake up and suck my ass again.

My legs drummed together as steam enveloped me, taking me up and out of the bathroom with the force of a gusty wind. It produced powerfully
breathtaking images of last night in my skull, causing them to explode in my brain…from some unknown force in my soul. Something that tried to make me remember beckoned me, wanted me to remember. It needed me to…remember. I was floating, rising and falling like a feather, making
loops around the sudden urgency to be touched, to be loved, to inevitably be fucked good, long and hard…

I saw a fine man, clad in Phat Farm gear. His face I could not make out, but he had the most incredible smile. His name was Thomas. And he
was taking off my panties…trying to get to my pussy. No, Thomas. You can’t get to my twat. No, baby. I was trying to take advantage of you. I cut your toe nails, damn it. You were supposed to be
intoxicated. Now you’re trying to get between my legs. Hadn’t you spent enough time between your Mama’s legs when she was pushing you out of her pussy? There’s no place like home, huh? Thomas tasted the wetness, sucking my panties until they no longer smelled of good pussy. He tossed them, opening my legs, tasting the sliced
peach, reminding me why I wished I was born in Georgia, so I could be called a “Georgia Peach.” I would be sweet to taste, sweet to the touch and sweet to all the human senses. His “touch” was heaven. It lifted my clouds and presented the Red Sea, which spilt open and
revealed a man eager to have me, eager to love me, eager to pleasure me. Over rapturous waters I was the feather again. I was rising, falling and floating towards the cliffs of desire.

From my hole to my pussy he was tasting perfection, tasting what took Daddy ten minutes to release and took Mama another nine months to
make. A man has never taken his time with me. A man has never made me feel gorgeous. A man has never taken away my problems. A man has never
made me forget the outside world. God please don’t let this end! God I never knew what it felt like to be treated like a Queen. A man always rushed, rushed. Now he was taking his time. My pussy felt like a garden of roses and now I wanted a garden of tulips. Two lips on my pussy.

My eyes remained on the bed. Thomas was lying on his back, guiding my throbbing pussy on his incredible dick. My tits bounced like Michael
Jordan was trying to win Chicago Bulls the 6th Championship with his tongue out.

It took a moment before I realized that Ed, Georgia’s husband, was sitting on the toilet before me. He was naked, sweaty, able and willing. What the fuck…? He was jerking his juicy dick, his nuts jumping up and down, making my pussy wetter…

Girl, don’t do it. Bitch, shut up. Georgia’s my best friend. I just wanna suck his dick. Damn.

I leaned over, my wet hair all over his muscled thighs and I kissed the head of his passion. His eager hands inherited my head. Feeling like an eager slut, I took him deep into the contours of
my mouth while Thomas, from last night, in my mind, brought me to orgasm. I shook and shivered in the tub, Ed rubbing my face, talking to me, loving me, telling me he’d been wanting me for years, that what we did would stay between me and him, that he loved how I worked the tongue, bringing his dick the needed joy it so wanted

He sat on the floor and guided his throbbing member deep inside my pink walls. We grinded on the floor. I took the Nike hat from his head, slanted it on my head and rode his scrumptious dick. My booty clapped on his thighs. But all I could see was Thomas. Loving me,
wanting me and desiring me, and suddenly my body shut down.
What was I doing? Georgia was my home girl. I couldn’t fuck her
man! I was a woman of assured probity, at least I thought so.

Girl! Oh, no! No! NO! Conscious, please, don’t start.

Yea, girl it’s me! Hey! Get the dick, get the dick GET

Fuck Georgia, this was not about her.

Yes it was! She’s my best friend. No. Georgia as a selfish bitch who was sitting on good dick and never offered to share it with you. Friends share. Yes, conscious. They do, but they don’t share their
significant others.

Fuck it I’m going to grind on Ed’s dick until my pussy screams! Deeply ashamed and simply unprepossessing, I ran out of the bathroom, nervous. I hope Georgia never finds out.

Did you like that juicy morself? You can read more from the book, The King of Erotica 2.


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