What’s Done In The Dark by A.C. Greenlee

“No, Dominic, fuck you. You don’t get to just claim me! I’m not your fucking property!” I heard the door bang open seconds before the shower curtain was wrenched back, revealing a seething, red-eyed Dominic. My brain didn’t react quickly enough to ensure I cover myself, but it didn’t matter. His penetrating gaze didn’t stray a single inch from mine.

“And you don’t get to evoke these feelings in me and not do anything about it, Eleanor, it’s not fair. I’m a demon, not a fucking puppet.” I couldn’t stop myself from staring at him like he was insane.

“That’s just it, you moron! You’re a fucking demon! A soul-devouring monster!” I snapped, yelping in surprise when he grabbed me by the arms, hauled me out of the shower and crushed me against his chest.

“For such a small woman, you say such cruel things, my lady,” he said, his touch gentle as he turned and sat me naked on the porcelain sink. Before I could protest, he plucked a towel off the rack and pressed it to my chest, not even flinching when I delivered a stinging slap to his cheek. But he paused, going stock still as his eyes met mine. I was just as shocked as he was. Never in my life had I struck another person, let alone Dominic of all people. His reaction was swift, his hand going to my throat as he crushed his lips against mine, forcing me against the mirror. My fingers went to his hands, scoring them with my nails as tremors of pleasure started at my thighs and cascaded upwards into the center of my body. I fought him, struggling in vain as his lips parted mine and his tongue invaded me. He tasted like his kiss, rough and passionate, sweet and hot; everything I’d imagined he would. And I reacted to his heat, nearly choking on the flavor of his sinful tongue like the burn of raw cinnamon. I shoved him away from me, my hand snapping up to slap him again, but he caught it and wrestled me to the floor. I continued to fight him, half-heartedly slapping at his face and shoulders, pulling at his hair and skin as he placed searing kisses against my breasts and stomach. His tongue swirled around my belly button as he forced my legs apart.

“Dominic!” I shouted, squirming as his lips and teeth found my clit, that dastardly tongue of his slipping over my sex until I couldn’t stop the husky moans that escaped my throat. He swirled and teased, sending my temperature skyrocketing with each flick and twirl, with each pull of his lips on the most sensitive part of my body. I was hot, feverish, even as I lay soaking wet against the chilled linoleum. I writhed beneath him, no longer attempting to throw him off, but suddenly overcome by a possessive, burning desire that wouldn’t wane. Heavy pants and moans turned to whimpers as I silently begged him for release. “Dominic.” His name fell from my lips like an oath as I sank my fingers into his inky hair and held on for dear life.

“You taste like salvation, Eleanor. My queen, my dove,” he grunted against me, chasing kisses up my thigh before sinking his teeth into my flesh. I jumped, groaning at the stinging sensation that melted into the feel of his long fingers entering me, stretching me gently in preparation for what was to come next. I could have died from anticipation as he lifted himself above me, my hands going to his belt buckle as I all but tore open his pants, exposing his long, thick length to my devouring gaze. “Did you think I would let anyone else have you?”

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. joselynburke says:

    sounds interestig almost as kuroshitsuji but with a girl on it mmm sexy


  2. empressdj says:



  3. Thank you guys so much for your interest! And it was definitely inspired by the anime and manga Kuroshitsuji. I’m so happy someone picked up on that!


  4. Thank you guys so much for your interest! And this particular story certainly was inspired by the anime and manga Kuroshitsuji. I’m so glad someone picked up on that!


  5. Curly Carla says:

    Paranormal erotica? Yes, please!


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